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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take this training?

Anyone who desires to expand their knowledge base in specific key subject matters that have application in multiple industries and job classifications could benefit.  Our programs would be particularly useful for individuals wanting to expand their current technical knowledge or contemplating a change of industry.

What prerequisite skills are required?

Generally a minimum of 5 years experience in a company that develops, manufactures, or assembles products or provides services to customers.  The specific requirements are detailed in each program outline.  We review your current resume to ensure you be able to successfully obtain your chosen certification.

Why should I use CPS rather than a college degree program?

We are focused on application training for specific industry tools, techniques and methodologies and use real life projects during the course.  We also have a fast paced curriculum which is taught by industry experts that have operated and applied these standards in multiple industries on complex programs.

How long will it take to complete a certificate program?

Students can complete all of the coursework and requirements within a 2-4 month period of time depending on the program chosen.  Generally students will attend classes 16 hours per week and are intended for the unemployed student looking to quickly update their technical skills.  Courses are also offered outside of a group format which allows the students to meet the program requirements at their own pace.

Businesses will create a specific schedule for their employees which meets all requirements, meets the specific needs of employees attending class while maintaining their job requirements.

When are the courses scheduled?

We assign students to cohort groups that allow students to complete the entire program with the same peer group. This facilitates learning in our fast paced schedule.    Courses are also offered outside of a cohort group which allows the students to meet the program requirements at their own pace. See the “Schedule” page on our website for details of each program and course offerings.

Where do classes meet?

We have 2 separate training centers depending on the courses you take.  Most courses are taught at our CPS training center co-located with MSUs’ Management Educational Center located in Troy.  Any courses using the LMS International software will be taught  at the LMS training center.  See the “Location” page of our website for specific addresses.

Businesses many times choose to have our instructor come to their location which reduces travel time for the participants in the program.

What are the tuition rates?

See the catalog for these details. We are approved for funding from multiple government training programs.  Most of our students receive this training fully funded with NO out of pocket expenses.

How do I use TAA money?

You must first register with the funding agency. Then you must to register with us and we will guide you through all of the paperwork to acquire funding for our programs. We are approved for funding for the entire program cost.

How much will books and course material cost?

All of these costs are outlined in the pricing schedule on our website.  Funding agency money covers all of these costs as part of the program.

Will I need a computer or specific software?

You will need a laptop (check with registrar for minimum requirements) loaded with Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). Specific required software will be provided in class for projects.

What if I only want a class or two, not a whole program?

You can sign up for any of the individual courses on the schedule if there are openings in the class.

Can I select a core class from another program for an elective?

No, the electives are specifically designed for the program. However you can take any class of interest from our list of elective courses in addition to the program requirements.

What if I am already trained in a core class subject?  Can I bypass that class and still receive a certificate?

Generally speaking, the answer is no. However, with specific documentation of the training and demonstration of specific knowledge in the subject, exemptions may be considered on a case to case basis.  If you are exempted from a particular course, you will need to replace it with an additional elective course to meet the minimum contact hour requirements of the program.

Can I take these classes while working?

The cohort groups are set up to be conducted during daytime hours. However, we have many courses offered after working hours that individuals can choose from to meet their specific schedule.

What if I get a job before I finish training?

You can drop out of the cohort group and take the balance of classes at a slower pace by self study with the instructor.

Are there any online offerings?

Not at this time.

Can I re-take the classes?

Yes, you would have to register in the next available class that has an opening.

How do I register?

Go to our website and follow the instructions for application submittal.