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Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
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History of CPS

  • 1993 Founded as an educational training institution licensed by Michigan
  • 1997 “Campus Training Partner” with Alias / Wavefront Inc.
  • 1998 Authorized trainer for GM in Unigraphics
  • 1999 Preferred training source for all major CAD systems
  • 2002 Expands course offerings into engineering processes and methodologies
  • 2005 Established as a “Dassault Authorized Training Partner”
  • 2006 Incorporated Designing Engineer program
  • 2007 Incorporated Program Management and Lean Six Sigma programs
  • 2009 Acquired academia licenses with PTC, Microsoft, DataFit and Minitab
  • 2010 Acquired academia licenses with Siemens
  • 2010 Incorporated Simulation / Test Engineer program with LMS International
  • 2011 Approved OCC vendor for Economic Workforce Development
  • 2012 Incorporated CNG Vehicle Development program
  • 2012 Approved Automation Alley vendor for Talent Development Program

Managing Staff

Hands-On Application Expert Instructors

Industrial Curriculum Advisory Board

Members regularly review curriculum for current content and application in multiple industries to ensure relevance. Board Members:
Daryl Patrishkoff, Dennis Cavitt, Steve Alessandri, Lee Kittredge, Kas Kasravi, David Patrishkoff, Mark Marheineke, Cindy Miller, David Fiddes, William Szuch, David Luik, Joe Tori, Rick Olt, Tim Beard and Jerry Baldwin